The disappearance of a father and son in a tropical Australian bayou of crocodiles and mangrove swamps unravels a dynastic alliance between formidable fishing clans.

These clans of the isolated deep north of Australia have escaped society as we know it, adapting to the brutal beauty of nature and a lawless frontier - But it’s a claustrophobic freedom in a world that will not bend to the will of outsiders. 

The Cape is the story of rival fishing families who built empires amongst the twisted mangroves. The isolation, an all- consuming sexual obsession and a series of small choices leads to a suspected double murder. In the fearless hands of Emmy Award-nominated filmmakers, Michael Ware and Justine A. Rosenthal (Only the Dead) , we journey into the Deep North and the human psyche to uncover what we’re capable of when our humanity is stripped bare in this fascinating portrayal of an insular and isolated community.